I’ve learned how to pickle Vegetables the old school way from a couple of Armenian women. Each have their own style and they are all basically the same but the one I like best is really simple and easy. I find that like anything else you do in the kitchen it’s best to prepare all of the things you are going to need before you start – so I lay out the utensils ( pots, spoons, jars and lids) ingredients ( vinegar, salt, sugar, water) and items to be pickled ( carrots, cauliflower, garlic cloves and hot peppers). Once you have everything layer out and prepared it’s a fairly straightforward process.
to make the liquid that you are going to pour over the vegetables that you stuff into the jar is simple – here is the recipe:

3 cups of water, 1 cup of white vinegar, 3 tablespoons of pickling salt and  1 tablespoon of sugar.  – (this amount fills about three regular sized wide mouth jars)

you can pickle just about and vegetable but I prefer guta (Armenian Cucumbers) or Cauliflower.

here we go:

boil the liquid in a large pot – (make enough to fill the number of jars you are using)

boil a pot full of water large enough to dunk your jars completely and roll them around to sterilize.

Chop or cut up all of your veggies to the size you want to fit the jars and have your garlic cloves and peppers ready to add to the jars as you stuff them

set up your jars and lids near you pot of boiling water

duck jars to sterilize, stuff veggies, garlic and peppers (really push them in full), submerge lids in hot pot, put on top and them submerge ring to screw on top and screw it on tight

thats it – simple you’ve just pickled your veggies- let them sit for a couple of weeks in your fridge and ENJOY