We Are

Realtors That Cook

(You don’t need to be a realtor – just like to cook)

Get your creative juices flowing. Dive in for some great Recipes, Videos and Pictures of meals eaten and prepared and great meals eaten out at our favorite Restaurants. It’s one of our passions and that of our Guest Chefs as well.

We like to EAT, and we like to COOK, and We are REALTORS THAT COOK

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About Us

We spend most of our time together each day, and it is just non-stop talking, arguing, and discussing everything in our lives.

If you have the chance to spend time as our Real Estate clients – you will understand. Nancy and I are Passionate about a few things in life. Our Jobs as Realtors, Family, Church, The Beach, Traveling, Our Dogs, Eating good meals out and Cooking and Baking at home. This site is about a couple of things just to let you know a little bit more about us as real people.

One of the things that we want to share with you is our passion for good food. We love to eat, and we like to eat whatever we cook; we are both great cooks and have been cooking since we were young children. We also love to eat out when we can – and sometimes we find a great new place – when we do well share it with you.

Our Blog is somewhat random, but you might like it as well – its about travel and of course FOOD

We hope you will like what we show you and if you have questions about anything you can drop us a line or give us a call – we are always available. We are extremely easy to get a hold of and would love to talk with you about Cooking, RecipesGreat Restaurants, Travel or really about anything including Real Estate Trends anywhere in the Country– we love to talk.

We also encourage anyone who loves to Cook or eat out to contribute their ideas to the site – food you’ve cooked, or a great meal eaten out – we would all love to hear about it and see pictures and/or videos if you want to share.