At our house if it’s Christmas it’s time for Nancy to bake  – lots of baked treats but Cinnamon Rolls are sure to be on the top of the list.  The smell of the dough rising is something that I now have begun to associate with the holidays. After adding all of the ingredients together and letting the mix master knead the dough it’s put in a large bowl covered and placed in front of the fireplace to rise for a couple of hours. When the dough is about twice the original size it’s taken out, rolled out and then the butter is spread all across the dough, covered with ALOT of cinnamon, rolled up and cut into about 14 rolls and then covered again and placed back in front of the fireplace to rise even more for about an hour – popped in the oven and baked just until they are golden brown – covered with and creamy vanilla glaze and WOW – Hot delicious Cinnamon Rolls