It’s funny how exciting it was to drive up to Cambria after driving through the southern California bedlam of crazy masses of people on both the freeways and coastal roads – the central coast of California seems calm, and it was a very peaceful drive from Solvang to Cambria – Really relaxing.

As we took the exit into Cambria on Burton Road, we were excited to enter the grounds at Cambria Pines Lodge – somewhere we had always talked about staying but never really found the opportunity.

Nancys 65th Birthday and our 25th anniversary seemed like the right time to splurge, and it turns out it was perfect timing and a perfect place.

The Cambria Pines is a rustic Lodge built back in the early part of the century – back when the Hurst Castle was an entertainment destination for the rich and famous, it was originally built by the wife of an English nobleman as a stop over for friends and others on the way to the hurst castle – today it is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the many gardens and amenities provided to pamper even the most demanding guests.

Breakfast is provided every morning – (a good full hot breakfast) and the lunch and dinners are high quality – and large portions.

The town of Cambri is so much fun to wonder around and visit – many great little shops and of course plenty of good quality restaurants for any occasion or type of food.

Bottum line – Cambri is our favorite place to come to relax – the central coast has everything and anything you could want to see and do – or nothing at all – just come to relax – Ahhhhh