Air Fryers – We were hesitant to add one more kitchen gadget to our countertop- we already have plenty of things sitting out taking up space. Some we use almost daily, toaster oven, coffee machine the grinds and brews each morning, lots of spices and kitchen tools – it’s easy to cook and bake in our kitchen. But, everyone keeps raving about the need to get an Air Fryer and how everything tastes better and how easy to use they are. So of course Costco has them on sale relatively inexpensively and we finally decided to try “Air Frying”  – we bought the cuisinart model on sale for about $160 – which is about $60-80 savings over the  regular price and brought it home, found a good spot on the counter (cleaned off some paper work clutter) and tried it. out. We cooked 6 Chicken legs for dinner – it was easy to use – delivered perfectly cooked,  delicious chicken legs which had been seasoned with just a bit of salt and pepper – is an Air Fryer worth the counter space – in my opinion – YES. I have used in now 4 times and each time with excellent results – easy to use, easy to clean up and I will have fun experimenting with all of the different ways to use it. Try it out and let me know what you think