I knew my Sister Vicky and her Husband Henry were traveling down from Portland to Crater Lake and then through California to visit Their Children and Grandkids. I guess I assumed that they would head over to the coast and head south and we would hear about their trip along the way – Surprise – They decided to visit Yosemite and then the Sequoia National Forest and called us to meet them for dinner tonight. We don’t see them often and we miss them – A lot – Vicky is my older sister (by a year) and we do talk a lot on the phone but it’s not the same. We met them at the Gateway Restaurant which is right outside the main gate to the Sequoias Its a really nice drive up into the mountains just past Three Rivers. I had looked at the menu online prior to leaving to head up there and was quite surprised at the depth of high quality offerings – you want it they probably have it! I highly recommend a stop for breakfast, lunch or dinner if you find yourself in the area-