Canning – the old fashioned way

so is everyone should know by now my wife is 100% Armenian. we know so many older Armenian women who have had the idea on how to pickle or can brought passed down over years, and a number of them have given us and taught us how to make canned gutta or Armenian pickles. I love pickled cauliflower I’m going to give you the recipe on how I’ve been taught how to make canned or pickled vegetables. The can or pickle vegetables, you start with 3 cups of water, one cup of white vinegar, 3 tablespoons of pickling salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar and then when you’re putting in the vegetables in the jar, you in each jar, add a few cloves of garlic, and I also like to put in a few peppers, which are the hot little Mexican peppers or cayenne pepper if you choose . Two pots on the stove, one pot of boiling water these are actually good size pots in one pot of the liquid that you’re going to be putting in the jars once vegetables, as you can. so you take the jars ball jars or other canning jars that you can get at the hardware store anywhere and you take a long wooden spoon or some other implement that you have and you dunk a jar in the boiling water turn it around and get it good and sterilized. Take it out stop it full of vegetables, garlic, and peppers as much as you can stuff in there and then you put the lid in the boiling water, put that on the jar and then the ring lid and screw that down tight. And that’s really all there is to it it’s kind of old-school old-fashioned, but it really works well and I’m gonna put a picture on here of the pickled cauliflower that I made the other day

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